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The Cultures of Ecology and Place

Image by Tom Keldenich

The Cultures of Ecology and Place

Michael Hrebeniak and Others

This seminar aims to introduce ways of theoretically appraising the many forms of cultural representation of the relationship between humans and their environment, and thereby respond to the most pressing enquiry of our age. 

Contrary to the first-wave of ecocriticism - which tended to depict the ideal human relationship to the land as unchanging rather than contingent upon social, political or geographical factors - teaching themes aim to re-examine the cultural narratives and metaphors that have shaped humanity’s consciousness of its location on earth, and the resulting formations of space and place.

While rooted in the study of literary texts, the seminar will strongly encourage interdisciplinary and comparative practices as a means of exploring material culture, exemplifying Ernst Haeckel’s 1869 definition of ecology as ‘the study of all those complex interactions referred to by Darwin as the conditions of the struggle for existence.’

Students will be encouraged to develop a critical and methodological framework through which to pursue questions that engage with the mediation of forces and forms across culture and nature. Teaching will focus on how artists, theorists and activists pull away from representations of nature as secondary to industrial culture, to examine its many meanings, contradictions and productions (beauty, habitat, wildness, ‘dwelling,’ shamanic agency and resource), and explore such relationships that arise between text, memory, place and biology.

Teaching will focus primarily on work from the late-eighteenth century to the beginning of the twenty-first, with emphasis on the accelerating understanding in the West of ecological and spatial issues. The programme will also include psychogeographic field studies of the ‘rewilding’ of Wicken Fen (Cambridgeshire), the ‘post-pastoralism’ of Orford Ness (Suffolk), and the urban ‘over-writing’ of Spitalfields (East London) as a means of exploring contested narratives of place – not to mention taking the academic enterprise outdoors.

Seminar Themes:

  • Ecocriticism & Spatial Theory: Bearings

  • Wild Writing: 1. Britain, 1760-2012

  • Body Narratives & Interior Space

  • Wild Writing: 2: USA, 1835-2012

  • Field Study: 1. Rewilding Wicken Fen

  • Ecologies of Text and Visual Culture

  • Urbanism

  • Field Study: 2. Spitalfields and/or Wisbech as Urban Palimpsest

  • Postcolonial Ecocriticism: 1. Indigeneity, Development & Entitlement

  • Postcolonial Ecocriticism: 2. Zoo-criticism

  • Ethnopoetics

  • Field Study: 3. Orford Ness and the Post-Pastoral

Selected Reading List

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