The New School warmly welcomes people of all ages with a burning curiosity and seriousness of purpose who will be over 18 on 1st September of the academic year for which they are applying. 

​We regard all students as researchers who find their own rhythm, speed and pitch, and so do not differentiate between those who approach us as undergraduates and those who wish to undertake postgraduate work.

We encourage approaches from all sectors of society, but particularly those which are under-represented in higher education. We are aware that those in receipt of private-sector schooling – or what the sociologist, A.H. Halsey, termed ‘commercial education’ - need no further reinforcement of social and financial advantage. 

All places for the inaugural 2022-23 academic year have now been filled. We would be delighted to receive applications for 2023-24 from 1st December onwards.

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We weigh the more typical formal qualifications threshold of ‘A’ levels, the International Baccalaureate, the Access to Higher Education Diploma and Bachelor degrees, alongside considerations of life experience and cultural circumstances when determining eligibility. Your potential to flourish creatively and contribute to a warm, mutually supportive community is the over-riding factor for determining whether to offer a place.

You can apply directly by completing the form that can be downloaded from the application section. This includes provision for a circa 500-word statement of personal interests and an indication of the work, both critical and practice-based, that you intend to carry out in line with the New School’s interdisciplinary focus. This could be a dissertation, a film, an extended poem, a quilt, a collection of stories, a painting, a garden . . . We will then invite you for an informal follow-up conversation on-line.

There is no application fee and the New School would not count as one of the five selections on a UCAS form.

Download our application form here: