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On Nature

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On Nature: Convergences of Ancestral Wisdom with the New Ecological Paradigms

Pablo Friedlander

1. Conceiving Nature: History of an Ancient Misunderstanding

a.    Philosophies of Nature & Conceptions of nature: mechanistic misunderstandings and their finalistic / humanistic / romantic / metaphysical / biological / technocratic variations.

b.    Pachamama = Fysis = Gaia = Biosphere & her Anthropocene equations.

c.    Convergences between the wisdom of the indigenous cultures and the new ecological paradigms of science and philosophy.


2. New Ecological Paradigms and Their Implications: What to Do with Our Nature? 

a.    Between science and philosophy: the models of Rupert Sheldrake, John Allen and other synergists.

b.    Biospheric Demonstration: the Legacy of Vladimir Vernadsky and the Biosphere2 Experiment, and their consequences and implications.

c.    The planetary regeneration movement in this decade of ecological restoration (2021-2030).


3. Innovative Applications of the Concept of Nature on a Global Scale: Some Model Examples

a.    Ecological Restoration Models for this decade: "Milking Clouds" and the Accion Serrana Project (Argentina) and its exponential scaling up with Andes Action (for all the highest forests of South America) & Treeangle modeling.

b.    Towards Regenerative landscape products: the magic formula of Commonland in Spain, South Africa and Australia.

c.    Experiences of the research vessel Heraclitus: exploring the Water Planet & milestones of the Institute of Ecotechnics.

d.    Teacher Plants: Interculturality, Bioconservation & some Neuro-psychopharmacological milestones of the “Ecodelic Renaissance” from the      “Messenger Molecules.”

e.    Doing as Nature: Symbionts of Rhizomatic Networks with Global Nodes: reflections on wide scale initiatives & resilience. 

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