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An Introduction to Place

Image by Benjamin Davies

An Introduction to Place

Robert Hampson

‘less need for exegesis /more a matter of breaking patterns’

(Place, p. 85)

This seminar has a dual function: an introduction to some ideas about space and place, and an introduction to Place, Allen Fisher’s long work of the 1970s, through engagement with some of its contexts and some of its antecedent texts. It will consider spatial practices and the politics and poetics of the urban environment. The core text is Allen Fisher’s Place (Reality Street). Iain Sinclair’s Lud Heat and the poetry of Hope Mirrless, Redell Olsen, Frank O’Hara, Diane di Prima, Eileen Miles, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Prudence Bussey-Chamberlain will be brought in as comparators in the discussion of an urban poetics. You might also prepare by reading Alex Davis and Lee M. Jenkins (eds), The Cambridge Companion to Modernist Poetry or Jeff Nuttall’s Bomb Culture. Supervisions extending from this session might involve the production of creative-critical responses to the work studied. 



(With apologies: by their nature some of these texts are hard to find. The volumes by Fisher, Olson and Pound are more readily accessible; Barton has been reprinted numerous times.)

Nicholas Barton, The Lost Rivers of London (1962).

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